Reach new music from Croosh at “1-800”

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If your looking something unique to listen to, Croosh’s “1-800” is the number you should call.

In a world that’s over saturated with “Hotline Bling” covers, Croosh decides to put his own twist on the song on the Drake hit with his new track.

I first heard of the 18-year-old from Los Angeles just about two months ago with the release of his single “Healthy“. One thing that stood out to me was the addictive instrumental which Croosh produced himself.

The self-produced instrumental for “1-800” is much of the same. Combined with Croosh’s casual ability to flow, it makes for quite the track. It’s topped off with his own take of the anthem that is the Hotline Bling hook, and tells what it means straight up — it means sex.

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By Richie Bozek




Wake up with Mase Well’s “Coffee in the Morning”

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“Kick back and observe these words,” Mase Well says in his new track, ‘Coffee in the Morning’.

That’s exactly what you should do with this track. Coffee in the Morning is an ideal song to kick back and chill with, almost like…coffee in the morning.

Mase Well has been releasing incredibly smooth tracks over the past couple months and again doesn’t disappoint with this one. CoryAyo hopped on production with some additional background vocals from Nick Wright to help the whole track give off some jazzy, laid back vibes. Mase Well of course delivers some solid verses and hook.

Mase Well  is in the midst of working on his debut “Once New Vintage” EP, however this track is unrelated. He also recently opened up for Cam Meekisn. But if Coffee in the Morning along with the previous work he’s put in the past few months is any indication of what’s to come, get excited.

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By Richie Bozek

Childish Gambino, Jhene Aiko, Vince Staples & Ludwig Goransson collaborate on “Waiting for My Moment”


The second major release off the Creed movie soundtrack sees Jhene Aiko, Childish Gambino, Vince Staples and Ludwig Goransson link up on “Waiting for My Moment”.

The anthemic, horn-heavy track track carry’s itself as a symphony guided by vocal contributions from Aiko, Gambino and Vince. Jhene and Gambino’s duet-like features accent the emotion and build up of the first half of the track well. Every collaboration between the two artists has displayed a great level of chemistry and cohesion. Gambino steps up to the plate to deliver his polished and well-executed notes. The emcee’s singing voice is not overshadowed by the always brilliant Jhene Aiko and the side-by-side feature comes off well.

The latter half of the  song brings in a climactic Vince Staples feature. The fanfare-base production switches mood to provide a great tone to Vince’s verse. The organ notes and chants drive home the song, finale-esque, giving the whole track a move-like body of its own.

Be sure to check out Future’s “Last Breath“, produced by Metro Boomin and Ludwig, off the soundtrack. The Rocky series, Creed movie hits theaters November 25th.

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Solomonilla supplies “2piece”

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After releasing his single “Want To” about a month ago, which has racked up a solid 20k plays, Solomonilla decided to drop a small, two-song EP fittingly titled “2Piece”.

The Marylander released his M.I.M EP over the summer and continues to improve as evident in these two dope tracks. It seems as if Solomonilla is taking “No Breaks”, the title of the first song on this EP. No Breaks contains a more serious message about his drive to takeover.

“Flyyer” is the second song, a high-energy and bouncy song that you almost can’t help but to play at a loud volume. Personally, Flyyer is my favorite of the two.

“2Piece” is a nice treat this week to help satisfy your hunger for some new music. I think it’s a nice sample of Solomonilla’s versatility in song making and a preview for what we can expect from him in the future.

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By Richie Bozek

Meet The Newest Indie Sensation

By: Liam McCarthy

Being a young person in any professional industry is tough. Shit, being young in general is tough. Being a 21 year-old recording artist signed to one of the biggest record labels in the world is even tougher.

“Getting signed to a major was definitely 0 to 60 transition. I went from being a small town kid in St. Louis to New York City to friend’s couches to LA. It definitely gave me a chance to develop, not necessarily at the pace that I wanted, but I learned a lot at a huge company”, says Burnette

Brandyn was merely a sophomore in college in New York when he signed his recording contract with Warner Brothers. After experiencing everything that comes along with being signed to a major label, Brandyn recently decided to take the independent route. Made of Dreams is Burnette’s first project as an independent artist, though that may be hard to believe after giving it a listen.

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The Journey From QuESt to Sylvan LaCue – Listen to “The Watcher 3”


Those tuned into the up-and-coming rap scene may know of Sylvan LaCue by a different name from his past work as QuESt. Sylvan still has just as much Miami in him.

It has been 11 months since we’ve heard from him and it is evident he’s been steadily working on his craft in the lab. He has refined his musical talents since he jumped on the scene in 2009 following his victory in Jermain Dupri’s Survival of The Freshest rap battle. Continue reading “The Journey From QuESt to Sylvan LaCue – Listen to “The Watcher 3””

Skrapz – Round Here feat. Giggs [Official Music Video]

London emcee Skrapz releases “Round Here” off his new album, The End Of  The Beginning. 

“Round Here” brings on fellow UK artist, Giggs, to deliver the grime production. Giggs’ deep sound and rhythmic delivery lays down a great feel for the center verse. The simplistic, eerie beat drives home the strong tone. Check out all of The End Of The Beginning of iTunes today.

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Why Brandyn Burnette’s New EP is a Game Changer

The music industry seems to have a repeating cycle of artists getting famous very quickly with people initially being drawn to the music, but after a few years, the hype dies and the artist is making sub-par records. Some would say this is just a side effect of being in such a competitive business, but the harsh truth is that artists aren’t being given enough time to develop. Record labels used to spend large amounts of money on artist development. In nearly every record label, that department no longer exists. Due to this, artists are unfortunately never able to truly discover themselves. This results in lots of failed careers.

When I think of artists who’ve avoided this downfall, Brandyn Burnette is the first one that comes to mind. After being signed to a major label and having little to no control over his art, Burnette decided to take the independent route about one year ago. Over the course of the past 12 months, he has been releasing constant material. Though some of the releases gained more traction than others, they all provided an excellent period of sound development for Burnette. Swtiching up his sound entirely after going Indie, Brandyn’s acoustic side seemed to transform into more of an electronic vibe. As he dived deeper into the production side of his music, Brandyn was able to crank out multiple demos a week, some of which were uploaded to his SoundCloud. The amount of talent that Burnette seemed to pull out of his back pocket would make for a multitude of fantastic tracks, six of which make up his debut EP, Made of Dreams.

Turning a new leaf is always hard, even if it’s the most minimal change. As for Brandyn’s new music, there’s enough of a difference from his old material to make the transition tough. Despite this alleged roadblock, there wasn’t a smoother way to make this transition. The artistry Burnette has shown the world over the past few months is enough to make him one of the most interesting up and coming artists. His entire image has taken such an amazing form, making him one of the most mysterious and charismatic Indie artists I’ve seen in a while.

The futuristic sound and dynamic found within Brandyn’s art is just the tip of the iceberg. His genuine, humble image continues to shine through, making him all the more interesting. It’s been quite some time we’ve seen an artist as captivating and addictive as Brandyn Burnette. The Made of Dreams EP is going to pave a smooth path to stardom.

Lido Gets Blue with ‘Here’

Lido’s latest is a musically translated existential crisis, a journey through the minefields of quick success, and all the fake smiles and open hands that come with it.  He seeks escape through the same music that has him feeling so trapped, enclosed by label politics, coattail riders, and the blues.

Through the discontent, Lido’s musical genius still shines, as his troubled singing winds over a bed of layered key melodies, driving chords, woozy synths, and big 808’s. The Alessia Cara vocal sample colliding harmoniously with his simple hook, asking “Why am I here?”.

Just a loose remix, but Lido doesn’t stretch his vocal chords all too often, and this is still a pretty great record. All too relatable to my own frequent thoughts as a college student, what am I even doing?

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By Luke Benjamin

Take a listen to all of Imad Royal’s “Troubles”

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.16.07 PM

Four months and a name change from his last release, Imad Royal returns with a new track titled “Troubles”. Yet again he proves he’s pretty good and this pop music thing.

Royal is one of the extremely talented artists reigning from the DMV. He possess the ability to produce his own tracks, as well as instrumentals for others and can also lay down his own vocals. GoldLink and Michael Christmas are among some whom Royal has produced for in the hip-hop world.

Like much of his tracks, Troubles is self-produced with infectious synths and drums with his own strong vocals that we have all been able to relate to at some point in our lives. On Troubles, the vocals across as kind of harsh yet extremely soothing at the same time.

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By Richie Bozek