Section Boyz officially release their grime classic “Oi” remix

With the original instrumental coming by way of More Fire Crew, Section Boyz release new visuals for their Trapstar radio remix.

Swift kills the perfectly tempo’ed beat over the bouncy grime instrumental, setting the stage for his fellow South London emcees. Section Boyz will hopefully be looking to keep their 2015 “Don’t Panic” momentum rolling into a new project. Highlights off the album include Drake-cosigned “Trapping Ain’t Dead” along with the high-energy intro “Who Needs A Hook!?” and wavy motto-track “Lock Arff“.

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By Robert Kelly

Chris Buxton releases new track, “Remember”


South Carolina artist Chris Buxton is no stranger to dropping dope songs.

It hasn’t been long since his release of Higherbut Buxton throws another mellow, deep song with an absolute killer beat. Buxton’s flow is absolutely perfect for the type of instrumentals he’s rapping over; he really establishes himself as a real unique artist.

The release of My Side earlier this year has set Buxton up for a breakout year in 2016. Remember is the third of a showcase of absolutely fire tracks, I’m very excited to see what Chris Buxton has in store for the rest of the year.

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Alex Aff // The Background

He did it again.

After releasing an insane video last week, Durham rapper Alex Aff delivers another sick song, “The Background”. It pretty clear that Aff can keep putting out heat as his collection of dope music keeps growing and growing every time he drops tracks like this.

There’s a real vibe in his tracks and it only can get better. Be on the look out for more tracks of this caliber as Aff has been turning it up as of late.

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The Chainsmokers – Roses (Ariana DeBoo Cover)

Seattle artist Ariana DeBoo takes on “Roses” in a new video and cover.

The song selection for DeBoo’s third cover release is appealing superficially and thematically. Structurally, The Chainsmokers’ original track is reliant on the intelligent production and instrumentals from the duo and then further accented by the vocals. Highlighting the original structure should not discredit Rozes’ brilliant track-making feature, but rather acknowledge some of the great reworking done by DeBoo.

Opposed to electronics and edits, Ariana plays around with pacing to add her own energy and put her vocals center stage over underscoring guitar acoustics. Reversing the relationship between instrumental and vocal aspects of the song offers a second level of intrigue to the cover. Familiar tones on the hook bring the song back together as DeBoo and Rozes display comparatively soft voices. When compared to the original, DeBoo’s cover feels like a satisfying, stripped remix rather than a simple acoustic reproduction.

DeBoo has been a consistent contributor to the Seattle hip-hop scene for a few years now. “Roses” marks her third cover release over the past two years and may hopefully be another step toward a solo project. For more, check out her previous covers of J. Cole’s “Apparently” and Coldplay’s “Green Eyes” as well as her recent features on BFA’s “All You” and Kevin Lavitt’s “Strange“.

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By Robert Kelly

Young Jugg – Bussin’

California’s own Young Jugg is back with Bussin, another hard-hitting banger. Jugg’s progression from track-to-track is evident and the amount of music he’s able to crank out is nothing short of impressive. Consistent and solid material is going to be the reason that Young Jugg gets his shine. The work ethic embodied by Young Jugg is so rare and it’s going to do great things for the young emcee.


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If you weren’t a fan of Drayco McCoy before this, you will be now. For his latest release, Drayco hops on a Yakiv instrumental and delivers one of his best tracks yet. The switch-up halfway through the song makes for an interesting song. Filled with clever lyrics and hard hitting flows, Drayco has been making straight hits lately. Be sure to also check out another new Drayco track below.

His album Ratchet Ass House Party is set to drop on the 22nd.

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Mista Chip – We Want Some


Ever since electronic music started becoming popular, the market has become overflooded with DJ’s. The plumber who just fixed your toilet? He’s a DJ. Your 6th grade Algebra teacher who always let you cheat on tests? He’s a DJ now. Your old babysitter? Peep her SoundCloud, because she’s a fuckin’ DJ too.

Despite having way too many DJ’s in the genre, it’s still pretty easy to pick out the talented from the rest. Mista Chip has been spinning, producing and changing his stage name for many years. With an arsenal of absolutely fire material ready for the new year, “We Want Some” is just a taste of what Chip has coming. Featuring recognizable samples and a heavy rhythmic feel, this is one of the few club songs I can enjoy outside of a club.

Ashoka – The Fire [Official Video]

Hailing from Rockland County, New York, Ashoka’s name is brand new to COM, but I can assure you this isn’t the last time you’ll be seeing his name. His smooth delivery and clever lyrics shine through on The Fire, which was released a few weeks ago as Ashoka’s latest single. The Brendan Grant-directed visuals are simple yet enjoyable, adding to the songs’ presence. With plans to release an EP in the near future, Ashoka’s career is just getting started and I can’t wait to follow him on his journey to the top.


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Mase Well – Down On Sunday

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 4.35.09 PM.png

Earlier this week, Mase Well dropped a new single called “Down On Sunday”. It’s by coincidence that I’m just now sharing this on Sunday. Not planned, just how it worked out.

Down On Sunday is Mase Well’s first single after recently dropping his debut “Once New Vintage” EP. I’m a fan of the EP just like I am this song, so be sure to check that out.

As an artist, or anything profession/ job really, you always want to top or outdo your previous work. I’ve been following Mase Well since this past summer, and I think he has improved with every release — Down On Sunday is definitely up there for one of his best and is my favorite track from Mase Well thus far. I had this track in heavy rotation all week.

Can’t wait to see what else Mase Well has on the shelves for 2016. Check out Down On Sunday above.

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by Richie Bozek


Scruby Tuesdays Return


No other way to say it but Cal Scruby released bangers the last two weeks with the return of his fan favorite “Scruby Tuesdays” series.

Too Eazy was dropped last week and it honestly just makes you want to run through a wall after listening, it’s that hype. It’s 110 seconds long (1 min 50 seconds, yay math) and all 110 of those seconds, Cal is legit spazzing on the mic.  He literally makes it look too eazy.

“Bitch you ain’t no Golden State, ain’t none of y’all know how to shoot. Told your team to backup, I show you how the starters do.”

Too Eazy

This week he released Right Now, which is more mellow, but as always, incorporates Scruby’s extraordinary lyricism and incessant creativity.  He does a little bit of everything on the track, which illustrates his growth as an artist over the last few years.

“What if Fresh Prince never made it to the mansion? What if Blac Chyna wasn’t dancin’? What if Ray J never had the camera? Clearly I don’t have the answers.”

Right Now

These two Scruby Tuesday releases are really setting the tone for the direction Cal wants to take in 2016.  He’s been getting more name recognition as a result of his music video Aint Shit Changed ft. Chris Brownwhich has totaled over 2 million views on YouTube. Scruby says he’s going to continue releasing new songs every Tuesday, so keep a look out for future tracks to come.  As a fan, I’ve been itching for new stuff since “House in the Hills” was released last August.  Cal’s delivering and he’s doing it extremely well.

If you haven’t yet, go check out our exclusive interview with Scruby a few months back here.

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