Hoodie Allen – Nolan Ryan

Note: This is the original artwork Hoodie used, mistakenly putting, Jerry Grote instead of Nolan Ryan, final artwork in the SoundCloud. We aren’t all perfect.

The ever popular Hoodie Allen released a new track today that has every talking, but maybe for the wrong reasons. Hoodie takes on his more lyrical side in this track, going away from his catchy “pop” sounding music to speak his mind. Hoodie Allen seems to start a beef with his former colleague and friend, G-Eazy, as well as, the eccentric RiFF RAFF. Hoodie also took a stab at Mike Stud with the “blame it on Tommy” line, referring to Mike Stud’s Tommy John surgery.

I feel it’s a little unncessary but as Hoodie says this track is “just for fun.” I’ll let you guys interpret this for yourself, here is the Rap Genius interpretation, which I find fairly accurate. Hoodie’s debut album is coming this August. I for one am excited to hear it, Hoodie can diss whomever he wants, I enjoy hearing artists music. Music is a way to express in anyway possible.

Hit the jump to see G-Eazy, RiFF RAFF, Mike Stud‘s responses via Twitter.












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Robert Kelly


One thought on “Hoodie Allen – Nolan Ryan

  1. Riff raff is just what his name implies, trash.

    Sucks to hear hoodie and geazy had a falling out, I've been following both these kids for quite a while and I'm happy they are finally getting some recognition.

    Even if this beef is just a hype tool to promote both of their albums coming out soon, you gotta give credit where its due and hoodie fucking murdered this track, best shit I have heard from him since that one track where he remixed some Florence and the machine song.

    However, I'll put money on the fact that his studio album will be super poppy (like most rappers), but good to see he still gots juice.


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