COM Freshman 2013 Voting Poll

We told you guys about our COM Freshman 2013 doing it a little different than XXL because we were dissatisfied with their list for the past few years now. Here is how it will work, you will be able to vote for one artists on our list and the fans will count as 50% of the final outcome and the other 50% will be done by the staff at COM. We will pick the top ten on the list. Voting begins today, February 5th and ends February 19th. Good luck to all candidates and be sure to vote for your favorite! #TeamCOM Tweet us your thoughts below. YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY SO COME BACK AND VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITES EVERYDAY.

Tweet at us #COMFreshman2013 with who you want to see on our inaugural list.

Robert Kelly

19 thoughts on “COM Freshman 2013 Voting Poll

  1. Abstract shoulda been on this list, I mean you got Yonas, Hendersin. Shelton Harris and Luvi, not sure why you'd count him out if you were already having that crowd…..


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