Macklemore Massive Post (Warning Die Hard Fans Only) (Part 1)

*Warning post is a little sticky*

So I spent hours trying to find all of these songs, put them in a zip, and make them look professional. Here we have 3 mixtapes by Macklemore and an EP along with the remixes of that EP (can be found on iTunes). Everyone knows Macklemore was elected to the XXL Freshman Class of 2012 and he earned that right. I’m gonna talk a bit about Macklemore for the rest of this.

Open Your Eyes
The first mixtape he put out was under the name Professor Macklemore in 2000, called Open Your Eyes. This tape was the hardest to find because uploading music on the Internet in 2000 was hard to come by. When I found it with all the songs on it I spazzed. Macklemore was either 16 or 17 when he put this mixtape out. I will most likely be doing another separate post on just this mixtape as well.
*Note* – I have taken the link down because this is a classic that must be saved for the archives
Professor Macklemore – Open Your Eyes [Limited Time Download]

The Language Of My World
The next project Macklemore released was under his current name “Macklemore” after dropping the “Professor.” The Language Of My World is an album that CANNOT be over looked. Full of 20 songs of Macklemore that just make you love him even more. A bunch of people I’m sure have this tape or at least parts of it. This was released in 2005, it took him 5 years to make because at this time Macklemore was at the stage of his life he talks about a lot, when he was under the influence. Macklemore was 21 when this album was released.
Macklemore – The Language Of My World [iTunes Download]

The Unplanned Mixtape
We see another big gap in Macklemore’s musical career as he released The Unplanned Mixtape in September 2009. Macklemore would become sober in August of 2008. Macklemore’s experiences from becoming sober struggling with drug addiction would shape his career. This mixtape is often considered the best by many Macklemore fans, just 10 songs long but still amazing.
Macklemore – The Unplanned Mixtape [Click To Download]

The VS. EP
The sober Macklemore pays off because just three months later we see Macklemore release his debut EP with The VS. EP. This EP is only 7 songs long but literally every song is amazing. Headlined by “Otherside” and “Irish Celebration.” Probably my favorite overall piece of work Macklemore has put out. This EP got them booked around the nation. This EP is also where we see the duo of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis come together.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The VS. EP [Click To Download]

The VS. Redux EP
Lastly The VS. Redux EP came out in October of 2010, which includes 6 of the 7 songs (Kings not remixed) on the original The VS. EP. The favorite remix of everyone’s on this EP is “Otherside” remix ft. Fences. I do love Fences hook but I’m a sucker for the original personally. This song is on iTunes and I am telling everyone TO BUY IT to support Macklemore. It is the only official EP/album of any sort that he currently has on iTunes.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The VS. Redux EP [Buy on iTunes]

The Heist (Debut LP)
I promise this album will shock you. I also promise this will make you laugh, cry, dance, sing, memorize every line, smile and go wild, and make you love Ben & Ryan even more. Some of the things Macklemore tells us on here (track 14 especially) is truly courageous. This is one of the best hip-hop albums overall albums you will EVER hear. I’ve pre-ordered the hard copy, downloaded the deluxe on iTunes, going to buy the regular in stores, and 2 or 3 more deluxe copies of their website. It has every kind of track you could dream of on here. Macklemore is one of the greatest rappers of this generation, no doubts. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are true artists making real art. I cannot express my thanks enough to them and their team for this masterpiece that will forever be known as, The Heist. Read the entire review, track by track here.
Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – The Heist LP [Buy on iTunes]

In case you didn’t notice Macklemore has yet to release a new project for 3 years..yet his fan base is growing even faster than before. This summer he had around 50,000 fans towards the end of it. Now he has over 150,000. The thing I like about Macklemore is his style, he is one of the most unique artists you will see, he is truly a true poet on the mic. His songs are nothing but the truth. Another thing that makes Macklemore unique is not only do his songs tell a story but his videos help telling that story even better. Macklemore’s crew is truly one of the best out there and some of the hardest workers I have ever known. So support him by becoming a fan on Facebook, following him on Twitter, spreading his music, and most importantly, listening to what he has to say. His full length album should be out early fall or late summer.

Be on the look out for another post on Macklemore with just songs and videos.

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Robert Kelly

29 thoughts on “Macklemore Massive Post (Warning Die Hard Fans Only) (Part 1)

  1. This is ridiculously awesome! I was first turned onto Macklemore when he released Wings and since then, I haven't been able to get enough. His flow, style, creativity, and the way he does it all in a unique way, different from EVERYONE else, yet truer to real hip hop than anyone else is what inspires me. This is the first time I've heard that first mixtape and he was a better Emcee at the age of 16 than almost any other rapper. Ever. I really think that as he progresses, he will become known as one of the greats!


  2. It's been a long time coming. I used to be a huge hip-hop/rap fan back when I was in my early teens (late 90's, early 2000's) when artists like pac, biggie, and Jay were the dominant forces in this genre. They were storytellers that talked about the real world and real world problems. Since then and up until now I had seen a shift in my psyche away from hip-hop because of its lack of creativity and focus on all the wrong things ($$, clothes, self, cars, you get the picture), but I think Macklemore is a fresh infusion, a spark that can lead this genre back to its roots of telling stories with ear catching beats (thank you Ryan Lewis) and awe-inspiring lyricism. I've known about him for a while and his style is refreshingly unique and creative, with a strong dose of realism and personality. In short… the man knows his shit. Or maybe I'm just being biased cause we both grew up in the same neighborhood in Seattle… but judging from the peoples response to his music, I'd say this is special.


  3. Thank youuuuuu. I haven't been this excited about music in awhile. Absolutely love them, their music, their aesthetics, their heart, their passion, & their ridiculous outfits. Super talented guys who have a lot to give to the world. It has added a lot of joy to my life. I relive the moment where I met Ben over & over in my head. He was so kind.


  4. I'm trying to get the Unplanned Mixtape (I've purchased all the songs available on iTunes and Macklemore's site says the actual CD is sold out) and this link isn't working. Anyway you can get it working for me?


  5. Robin listen to other musik sure hes good but hes not great .lets take a look at joeybada$$ one of the best rappers out right and Hopsin him and hopsin are alike thats what makes like mackelmore but he only released a few things bcuz mackelmore doesnt knoe wat to do anymore


  6. THIS IS AMAZING! Thank you so much for getting these up! Not to sound ungrateful but I've taken all the steps as the Anon above me to get the Unplanned Mixtape and the Interwebs just isn't complying lol, could you maybe try to put the link up again?


  7. I'm so thankful to have found your music! All of your songs especially starting over and thin line mean a lot to me. I saw you in concert and even though u guys only performed three songs you guys were AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to catch a full concert, come back to SD!


  8. To download Open your eyes go to youtube find the one you want, then open a new tab and go to and copy the link from Open your eyes youtube URL and paste into box on SNIPMP3 and click convert then download then boom got it for free. You are welcome


  9. Why'd you pull Open Your Eyes so fast after re-listing it as a reward for reaching so many fans?! I can't get to my computer that fast all of the time and so I missed out on it! If it's really a reward it should have been kept up for at least a month! Not even Disney pulls crap that fast.


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