Fortune Family – Spring (ft. Melody Noel and Upper West)

If you aren’t in the mood to go outside and fly a damn kite after hearing this new release, then there is probably something wrong with you….Or you are still finishing up this semester. Reef of Fortune Family really kills the first verse, I was happy with the way he executed his flow and his lyrics were tight. Hearing this really catchy beat (mixed and mastered by Jon Kilmer) and listening to how Fortune Family spits over his beat shows that they really have been steadily grinding since they dropped their Paradox Mixtape last February.

As soon as I saw the announcement of Spring on Reef’s Twitter, I decided to dig up a little of her solo work and found her 5 track project titled Living Room Sessions EP and I got pretty excited after giving that a few play-throughs. I was just getting used to Sarah Solovay being a semi-regular on Upper West tracks, but I definitely like all of Melody’s music. If you give her EP a listen, you can even get a sense of her personality and her learn about her through her music.

Speaking of Upper West; we heard a different sound than what we were expecting with Dougie of Upper West singing a little bit on his verse. For the first time hearing Dougie sing, it wasn’t that bad. He’s no Melody Noel, but he sounds much better than most would imagine. Even if you personally didn’t like the softer side of his voice, the lines he drops in Spring reassure his fans that he is definitely still making music after releasing their debut mixtape West Side Stories.

I don’t know if anyone else noticed Melody’s wordplay in her verse when she mentions how she’d be lost like a song with no melody. Eh? Kinda cool? Maybe not? Oh well, I thought it was awesome. You usually never hear singers be all that clever, even if this was on accident.

Robert Kelly

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